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About Us

Accelerating business growth

We are a Business Advisory and a Marketing consulting Company, providing consultancy services in areas that catalyze the growth of an organization. Market Strategy and Growth, Content Strategy and Planning, Online Presence, Sales Enablement and Demand Generation are our key focus areas.

We are headquartered in the global hub of IT activity, Bangalore, India. Currently with a team of 40 marketers, we work with start-ups and Fortune companies across different industries in the Asia Pacific Region.


What We Do

We work with start-ups and global fortune companies across different industries in the areas of market penetration, defining, streamlining and executing marketing strategies, enabling sales teams and creating demand through innovative marketing initiatives. A key differentiator of our services has been our focus on audience inspired content and design. It is all about having an edge. It is all about having all the aces together.

Business Growth

To succeed is essential and growth is a metaphor of success. We work with organizations in their growth journey by helping expand their marketing universe through Marketing and Sales Enablement.

Marketing Strategy

Strategy is a collection of well directed thoughts. We help create marketing strategies for Business Expansion, Digital Marketing, Product Launches, Market Awareness and Demand Generation.

Advisory Strategy

Focusing on your core strengths is imperative to gaining success. Expert services in lateral areas help you focus better. We provide advisory services in Marketing and Go-to-market initiatives and help you win.

Content Strategy

Content creates perceptions. It is the differentiator between the ‘best’ and the ‘also’. We help create content strategies that create a differentiated edge over alternatives.



Our engagements have been a synergy of the services we offer. We engage with our customers across a spectrum of areas, helping them grow, by enhancing their market footprint, creating demand, enabling sales and increasing their brand awareness.


Work With Us

When you love your work, you don’t have to work at all. That is basic driving philosophy that defines working at nfaktor. A typical nfaktorian, is responsible, responsive, understanding and passionate. As an organization we just enable them on their path to success. These enablers empower our associates to create value, to themselves, the organization and our customers. We work hard, we play harder. Connect with us and know more about our fun, learning and growth driven work culture.




Marketing is a Culture; Sales, an Attitude

blog_sym Marketing is all about building the right perception and Sales is the grit behind this suave perception. While it is critical to have the determination and perseverance needed to sell, a culture that amplifies the values of the organization is what creates differentiated organizations.


5 steps for start-ups to run a marketing campaign

blog_sym Marketing is self consuming, once we get in there is no way we feel we have had enough of it. We always want that additional few likes, Extra viewership, Extra Reads, Extra Leads and such...


Content marketing – The game changer for your brand

blog_sym The term ‘Content Marketing,’ though relatively fresh, has elevated marketing to a whole new plateau. It is the stimulant which drives them to purchase products or services that meet their needs. Content marketing is essentially a psychological game...


Five Ways to Acquire More Customers Right Now

blog_sym In today's ruthless world of business, brands are faced with challenges aplenty. The most significant of which -� an ultimatum of sorts – is encountered when a brand is a knee deep in business stagnation and customer base stops growing. This is the time to rethink...


5+1 tips – Beginning to network for the network shy

blog_sym Wishfully, I would want to network with the most influential person in the room- but he would have 10 possible networkers around him. It is good to have his card but - how do I engage him in a conversation, jostling in the middle of this crowd…


Entrepreneurs: Measure the right KPI when it comes to your Start-ups

blog_sym The need for measurement is most evident when a start-up competes with itself. This is the best sort of competition for two primary reasons. Firstly, doing better than you did is a sure sign of growth. Secondly, self-competition is the perfect stimulus...


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