Winning is great. Winning it together is fun.

The fun, the friendship, the challenges, the opportunities, the learning, the sharing is what makes nfaktor what it is today. From the beginning, we 9stressed on building an employee centric Culture, knowing very well that happy employees mean happy customers and happy customers means growth.

Having established our basic principle of Respect for individuals and their values, we went about ensuring that whatever be the work, our work culture does not add to the stress of delivering it. Additionally we have created an environment that provides Mental space for associates to do the best, Encourages new ideas, offers Transparency in operations and promotes open communication.

The basic tenets of our culture that has made nfaktor a happy place to work are a) leader led vs manager led, b) responsibility driven rather than designation driven, c) ownership vs assignment.

Nfaktor proactively invests in workplace happiness and this happiness has ensured our zero% attrition rate to other jobs as we continuing adding amazing people to our growing team.

Here are some snapshots of our year long fun at work.